Equestrian Prep Collection & Stirrups Clothing Company Internship Opportunity 

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We are looking for social media and fashion savvy individuals that possess good communication skills and a creative eye. You will be asked to create images to use on our social media as well as writing creative product and image captions, help come up with original contest ideas, and other additional projects. You will help be a representative of the brands and our eyes and ears on how to better serve our clients. You will be provided material to hand out at horse shows and at your barn regarding our products. 

Our interns should to be able to create a 1-2 images for us each week, but we welcome any additional time you can use as creative time. 
Our interns would have access to all our product photos and model shots for their social media/collage projects and we will provide additional tools to help complete the projects and positive feedback on how to improve your work.
We feel the projects that our interns help with will build resumes and portfolios in the marketing, design, and communication fields.  
As an intern you are willing to:
  • Follow Equestrian Prep Collection & Stirrups Clothing Company on all social media sites
  • Create 1-2 images for us each week for #rootd, style ideas, creative product collages, photos wearing our products, or gift guides. 
  • Shares our brand at least twice to three times a month (photos, links, videos, etc.) on your personal social media
  • Conduct yourself in a cordial manner on all social media sites
  • Share information about our brand and products at events, shows, etc. you attend
  • Send us photos of yourself using/wearing the items you receive in your "intern" package after your trial period
  • Some other tasks interns may do: 

-Write fun and creative product descriptions 

-Come up with giveaway contest ideas

-Create surveys for our clients regarding our products in order to better serve them

-Keep a list of current trends that can help us in upcoming product creation

-Create lists of popular blogs and magazines (with contact information) that could feature our products

We are looking for applicants 16 or older.
Please send the following information:
Social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and/or Pinterest):
Please include a little about yourself as a student, equestrian, your individual style/creative streak, your creativity speciality (design, photography, video, etc.), and why you think you would be a great intern for us!

Please contact us at interns.stirrupsclothing@gmail.com with your information if you are interested and would like to get started today! We will review your information.

In return for your work after a trial period of two weeks, you will be given a "starter" package  for our interns, which includes brand materials (flyers, brochures, etc.), stickers, a cap, and t-shirt. 

By submitting the above form, you are applying to become an intern for Equestrian Prep Collection and Stirrups Clothing for the Fall/Winter 2017 season. If you are selected you agree that Equestrian Prep Collection & Stirrups Clothing may publish biographical information about you, all images produced for us, photographs taken wearing/using products and supplied images, and links to your social media accounts. If you do not meet the requirements of an EPC & Stirrups Clothing intern at any time you may be removed.