Introducing the “Equestrian Prep Collection” from Stirrups Clothing Company handcrafted designs inspired by the equestrian lifestyle and printed on soft Comfort Color tees.

Stirrups Clothing Company is proud to announce the debut of our new “Equestrian Prep Collection”. The original designs are inspired by the age-old overlap of preppy fashion and the equestrian lifestyle. Bold, colorful designs and classic motifs come together to create a line that is fun and fashionable, just like the equestrians who inspired it.

The designs are printed on Comfort Colors pocket tees to ensure the quality and comfort the sport requires. The collection has quickly gained popularity and is becoming a staple of many equestrian’s casual wardrobe.

The collection is designed and printed in the USA with the highest quality standards in mind. The original designs are printed on Comfort Colors pocket tees, which are currently a must have for casual fashion on high school and college campuses. The tees are pre-shrunk 100% cotton, gentle washed, and garment dyed to ensure unbeatable softness and style. In addition to the long and short sleeve tees, also available in the collection are kids tees, low-profile perfect fitting baseball caps and can holders. With every essential item for a preppy wardrobe included, the collection is sweeping an untapped market for stylish equestrians everywhere. 

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Barbara & Michael Whatley

Stirrups Clothing Company & Equestrian Prep Collection